Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome to Flat Tire Adventures!

Hi everybody!  I'm Ria.  Welcome to my Flat Tire Adventures.
I have grown to love riding this bright orange Electra Townie.  It's the perfect bike for me.
At first my husband, Todd, would have to drag me out riding kicking and screaming.  Then a funny thing happened.  I started getting flats in my front tire.

My first flat was on 10/16/11 while riding on the Tri-County Triangle Trail.  It was fall here in Ohio and there were a lot of black walnuts along the trail.  I think I managed to run over every one.  I can't see my front tire so good because of that spiffy basket, so it's easy to hit all the hazards.  We didn't have a spare tube, so this cut my ride short.  Luckily it was at a crossroads and Todd was able to go get the car.  Not such a bad plan.... 

Then on May 19, 2012, on the same trail, I got my second flat.  I ran over a thorn.  You wouldn't believe how many sticks I had to run over to get this thorn.  It took me a whole six miles of riding!  Of course, this time, Todd was prepared and brought a spare tube and some tools along.  I posted this on Facebook and people accused me of doing this on purpose!  Ha!  They know me quite well.  This is a picture of my wonderful husband, Todd, fixing the flat.  Notice he's wearing a fancy pants TOSRV jersey.  He's putting on airs.  That's what he's doing.

Here we are again, same trail, but along a completely different portion.  May 28, 2011.  Flat tire.  It was my front tire again.  This time the tube was punctured on the inside, so I didn't have to run over any hazards.  It just happened by magic.  You wouldn't believe how many bike voodoo dolls I had to purchase to make this happen.  Of course, there's Todd in his fancy jersey with his tools and his spare tube fixing it up.  By this time I have figured out that my plan isn't working so well. We still rode 30 miles in the 100 degree heat.  He even brought two tubes with him this time, so I can't play any more tricks.  He's ordering them by the case.  The UPS man has been at our house every day this week and knows our dog's names now.

So... this is just the beginning of the Flat Tire Adventures.  Stay tuned for more fun and maybe more flat tires.  Well, at least one more, but that's a later post.


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. I love the bike!

  2. Loved reading it. I'm becoming a follower. I hate to say, "May you be blessed with many flats as the road rises up to meet you." but it sure makes for fun reading. LOL

  3. Love that you started this! Pretty bike for a pretty cool chick. ;)

  4. OMG! How many flat tires can one woman get? Your Hubby is awesome for being prepared. Can't wait to hear all your trail tales. :)

  5. Great idea for a blog! I'm hooked... keep right on flattening those tires... on accident of course. ;)