Sunday, June 17, 2012

GOBA: Day Two, Sunday 6/17/12

Welcome to GOBA Day Two!  

Today, the GOBA riders make their way from Hillsboro, OH to Chillicothe, OH.  They will spend two nights in Chillicothe with GOBAville at Yoctangee Park.  

Here are some photos that Todd took along the way today.  I will let Todd caption the photos and tell you about his day.

Breakfast was all-you-can-eat pancakes & sausage cooked by Chris Cakes.  It was tasty.

Along the road to Leesburg the sun started to come up.

The folks at the Leesburg high school had breakfast, water, and restrooms.

Somewhere between Leesburg and Greenfield.

The Lions had snacks at Brad Lightle park in Frankfort.  I got a really good brownie for 50 cents!

Lots of luggage.

I managed to carry my bulky, heavy bag on the bike.

The rain subsided, so we went back to GOBAville this afternoon to explore.

Fences make great clotheslines.

Happy Campers in GOBAville.

We got home just in the nick of time.  This is the view from our front porch.  Todd is camping at home these too nights.   Wet tents and soggy gear is just not much fun.

Todd neglected to mention his mishap today.  
He was riding along the Tri County Triangle Trail approaching Hopewell Park, maybe going a little too fast, and took a spill on the slippery road.  Someone wasn't paying attention and cut him off as he was getting ready to turn, so he had to make a very sharp turn, and then lay on the ground for a minute trying to catch his breath.  His ribs are sore and he has a scratch or two, but he seems to be okay and wants to ride tomorrow.  His bike is okay, his mirror broke (not the glass, just the attachment), but he found a cool new mirror from one of the vendors at GOBAville.  

Here is me modeling his new mirror (the bottle cap).

Tomorrow is a local, very hilly, ride around Chillicothe.
Todd really wants to ride, weather, and health permitting.

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