Monday, June 18, 2012

Ria's Monday Ride.

While Todd rode his big, fancy, hilly, ride.  I stayed behind at GOBAville (Yoctangee Park) and rode about 25 miles along the Tri-County Triangle Trail.  I got rained out a couple of times, but luckily, I was near the park and was able to take shelter.  Another good plus was that Diet Coke was readily available. 

Here are some photos from my ride.

This is where I got on the trail from Yoctangee Park.  This was right after quite a downpour.

This is the far end of the trail, behind me is US 23.

It's a good thing I have those fancy fenders on my bike.  They're great for riding on wet roads.

This is early morning sun, right after the rain. 

I really like the lighting in both of these photos.

Yoctangee Park is beyond that Budweiser covered train bridge.

Todd and I met up in Yoctangee Park after the ride for some refreshments.
This was sugar free and delicious.

Todd thought I needed a helmet mirror like his, so I picked the Orange Crush one.

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