Saturday, June 30, 2012

GOBA, Day 8. Wilmington to Hillsboro.

Good Morning! Today is the last day of GOBA 2012.

The end!  Todd waits for me to pick him up in Hillsboro.

GOBA, Day 7, Washington Court House to Wilmington.

Here are the photos from Todd's ride from Washington Court House to Wilmington:

Rain?  Of course it rained.

GOBA: Day 6, Washington C.H. Layover day - Century.

Guess what's for breakfast?

Good Morning, Washington Court House.

Today, Todd rides a century (100 miles).  The temperature was 97 degrees.  

Frequent stops for hydration are important.

Here is Todd, the century rider.

He has a patch to prove it.

GOBA: Day 5, June 20, 2012. Ashville to Washington C.H.

Guess how this day started?

Todd's Shadow.

Pretty scenery.




Todd's tent and chair at Washington Court House. 

We met up with Stevie, Jessica, and JD for a delicious dinner at Horney's BBQ.  Steve picked it because of the humorous name.

GOBA: Day 4, Tuesday 6/19/12. Chillicothe to Ashville

Todd and I started the morning by having more All You Can Eat Pancakes.  YUM.

Todd rode past our favorite restaurant... Casa Del Taco.

Then he rode past his favorite store, Menards.

Then he rode past our vet.

Here are more pictures from his ride:

The Kingston rest stop.

The lunch stop in Tarlton.

His tent set-up in Ashville.
We met at Jennifer and Mike's for dinner on Tuesday.  It was TACO night and was delicious.

Sunset in Ashville.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ria's Monday Ride.

While Todd rode his big, fancy, hilly, ride.  I stayed behind at GOBAville (Yoctangee Park) and rode about 25 miles along the Tri-County Triangle Trail.  I got rained out a couple of times, but luckily, I was near the park and was able to take shelter.  Another good plus was that Diet Coke was readily available. 

Here are some photos from my ride.

This is where I got on the trail from Yoctangee Park.  This was right after quite a downpour.

This is the far end of the trail, behind me is US 23.

It's a good thing I have those fancy fenders on my bike.  They're great for riding on wet roads.

This is early morning sun, right after the rain. 

I really like the lighting in both of these photos.

Yoctangee Park is beyond that Budweiser covered train bridge.

Todd and I met up in Yoctangee Park after the ride for some refreshments.
This was sugar free and delicious.

Todd thought I needed a helmet mirror like his, so I picked the Orange Crush one.