Monday, June 18, 2012

GOBA: Day Three, Chillicothe, Ohio

Hello everyone!  Today was GOBA, day three.  Still in Yoctangee Park, Chillicothe.

Todd spent the night at home in his comfortable bed.  We got up at 5:00 am and headed to Yoctangee Park for breakfast.
All You Can Eat pancakes and sausage!  I had some, too, so I had to ride.

As soon as we finished eating, Todd headed out on a 42 mile, very hilly GOBA ride (it was a loop through neighboring towns).  I stayed behind at Yoctangee park and rode along the Tri-County Triangle Trail.  I'm not ready for the crazy hills yet.

Just as Todd left, it started to pour!  I took shelter under an awning.  I love this photo of the lighting and the rain.

The following are photos from Todd's ride:

Todd took shelter here.

Liberty Hill road.

AM snack stop to benefit the Huntington Township Fire Department.

Fire Truck.

Todd thinks this was Blain Highway.

Lunch stop at a Church in Waverly.

The fountain at Bristol Village nursing home in Waverly.

This is Todd on Three Locks Road.

Through that hole is Moss Hollow Road.

This is the Hill Profile of Todd's ride.

We met up back at Yoctangee Park.  
Todd is spending the night here at home again.  We'll head back to Yoctangee Park in the morning for more pancakes.  Then Todd takes off to Ashville with GOBA.

I'll post pictures from my ride in a separate post.

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