Sunday, June 10, 2012

It was bound to happen....

Today Todd and I needed to do a recovery ride, a nice, easy ride of about 20 miles.  We decided to drive out to Xenia (just over an hour) and ride the trail from there to Yellow Springs. 

Xenia Station, the beginning of our ride.

I love trains and couldn't resist this caboose.  This is part of the Rails to Trails program.
Xenia is the Bicycle Capital of the Midwest, so there are lots of trails.

We started along the trail and rode for about five miles.  It was downhill and easy pedaling.  My legs were sore from yesterday's ride and I was beginning to dread the return trip, but I was very excited to be going to Yellow Springs, so I really didn't mind.

But then, well, you know.... I don't have to tell you, do I?


You're not surprised, are you?

See that?  There's a hole!  Right through the actual tire.  
It was the back tire this time.

It made such a hissing noise that I thought a rattlesnake was caught in my spokes.  I almost jumped off my bike.  I was prepared for a blown tube (Todd orders them by the case), but a whole blown tire is another story.  We didn't have a spare tire with us.  

So, yup.  I had to pull over and Todd went back to get the car.  Luckily, we were near a crossroads so it was easy for him to pick me up.

Meanwhile, I took some pictures:

These pretty flowers were all along the trail.

Railroad bridge over the Little Miami River.

This is the view from the bridge.

Also, while I was waiting, there was a deer standing right in the middle of the bike path!  Very cool  I wasn't close enough (or fast enough) to get a picture, so you'll just have to imagine it about 50 feet in front of the bridge.  Close your eyes and picture it.

Okay.  Open your eyes.

While I was waiting for Todd, I noticed this and thought it should say, "flat TIRE technology."  I think I need to fix it somehow.

After we got home, Todd said he forgot about the "dollar bill trick."  I thought he meant that I should always carry a dollar bill with me, so when I have a flat tire and a handsome man comes along to help me, I can stick it in his bike shorts. Apparently he meant that you can actually fix the flat tire by using a dollar bill (click on the link above to see how).  I like my plan better.  Especially if that handsome man has donuts with him.  

Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Oh yeah.... after Todd rescued me with the car, we drove to Young's Jersey Dairy and had some of the most delicious ice cream on the planet.  That's even better than a handsome guy with donuts.


  1. It is crazy that you are having so many flat tires! I love all the orange here on your blog! My favorite!

  2. lol! I'm just loving this. How about this dream:

    Hey Girl,
    "I can fix that flat tire while you stand their eating these donuts I brought for you". :)

    Better idea. Hey Girl, why don't you get a bicycle tire company to sponsor this blog so you get free tires and they get free advertisement. ;)

    Love the photos.

  3. Oops! That VeggieEmmy comment is me! My teen was on my computer again! :/

  4. One flat tire = Most Handsome Man with Ice Cream. Hard to beat. Keep on flatting those tires!!