Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Horsey Hundred

May 25, 2013

One of my Jr. High School friends, Linda, was going to Kentucky for Memorial Day Weekend and she found this cycling adventure.  We haven't seen each other in about 30 years, but we stay connected via Facebook.  We share cycling adventures online and we thought it would be fun to meet up in person for The Horsey Hundred!

Here we are at breakfast.  Linda is on the left.

We did some pre-ride shopping and bought these really cool panniers from Natrilgear.  
They are some really nice folks with some really nice gear!

We are getting ready to start.  There is Linda in front of us.  Linda was smart and chose the 37 mile option.  We weren't so smart and chose the 60 mile option.  We didn't realize that 59 of those miles were straight up.

So far, so good.  This may have been the only flat portion of the ride.

We crossed a bridge with a really pretty waterfall.

The scenery was very pretty.

Again, more pretty scenery.

We rode along many horse farms.  Hence the name "Horsey Hundred."

They should have named it "Hilly Hundred."

Again, some pretty scenery.

They call this "rolling terrain."

The Horses came out to watch us.

More horse farms.

This photographer rode along with the pack and stopped to take pictures several times.  
I finally took his picture.

Awesome Humor.  After all these hills, I'm not laughing.

Cow #51.  I was hoping he was a mile marker, but sadly, he wasn't.

More pretty farms.

A couple of horses.  I think they're 'neigh'bors.

For one of the rest stops, we rode through a very large park and they were having a car show.

The bike is resting....

The horse is laughing at us.

With horse farms come barns.

And another barn.

These two horses came galloping across the field after us.  
I think they wanted to chase us.
It's not the first time I've been chased by a horse on my trike.

Hi Horse!  

yes, another barn.

We were stopped at a train crossing.  Todd thought we could fit under the train. 
Good thing he didn't test his theory.

Choo Choo!

Yay!  Finally, we're back at Georgetown!  
I thought this ride would NEVER end.

The TOSRV That Wasn't

The TOSRV That Wasn't
May 11-12, 2013

We were all set to ride TOSRV.

We booked a room at the Residence Inn in Downtown Columbus so we'd be close for Saturday Morning.  The hotel used to be a bank.

They serve breakfast in the vault.

One of the counters has safe deposit boxes in it.

This is the cool door of the vault.

We walked down to The Sheraton to register for the ride.  Here is my T-shirt and rider number.

We ate dinner at The Sheraton - All-you-can-eat Pasta Buffet.  It was fancy and everything.

But then at midnight.... Todd became very ill.  We think it was food poisoning.
TOSRV didn't happen for us.
This wasn't a flat tire, but it was most certainly an adventure!  One we don't want to repeat.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Metric Century 5/4/13

Our First Tandem Metric Century

Today we rode 64 miles over 6 hours and 15 minutes.
This was our biggest training ride for TOSRV next weekend.

Here we go... We started on Three Locks Road, which is part of the TOSRV route.

The vultures were claiming their seats along the TOSRV route.

I saw three total - front row, waiting for the TOSRV suckers to go by next week.

Uh oh.  The chain came off.  Only once this whole ride....

Some of the terrain is "rolling hills."

Falling down barns

I love abandoned places.

We rode on Old 35 down to Richmondale.  Here we're crossing 35.

Crossing over a creek

This cow was looking at me!

Falling down House

Pretty scenery near Scioto Trail

We go through the tunnel

These people are going to Rock on the Range!

Maybe we should follow them!

We pulled over to let the ambulance pass.

This is the Monster in the tunnel that I warned you about!

Part of the Tri-County Triangle Trail is broken.

Warning, Warning, don't go there.

Back to Yocktangee park and then home from there.