Sunday, May 5, 2013

Liberty HILL Ride 4/14/13

We took a nice ride through some of the very hilly sections of Chillicothe.

The Forsythia is blooming.  That means it's really Spring, right?

One of the Liberty Hill Hills

They don't call it Liberty Hill for nothing

Here is a much better photo of that Dangerous Diving Board

Chillicothe Town Hall

Yocktangee Park

The trees are really blooming!

There is a monster in this tunnel.  Honest.  Someday I'll take a picture.

Stairway to heaven....

Yocktangee park on the way back.

Swans on the lake.

Another view of Yocktangee.

I like this scene.

Hilltop.  No kidding.

Crossing US 23, almost home!


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