Sunday, June 17, 2012

GOBA, Day One: Saturday 6/16/12

Yesterday was Day One of GOBA, the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure.  Todd is riding in it and I'm just hanging out having fun.  

It started in Hillsboro, Ohio.  

The riders camped at the Fairgrounds, dubbed as GOBAville.

Here is Todd at his campsite.

We set up his tent and then ate some famous GOBA food because, "Nobody Ever Goes Hungry at GOBA", and then headed downtown for the festivities.

The Bicycle Arch

My next bike, perhaps...

We stopped in Wanda's Grill.  Todd had a delicious cheeseburger and home fries.  I had a slice of Peanut Butter Pie and a nice cold Diet Pepsi.

One of the GOBA traditions is a big GOBA wedding.  Here is the World's Longest Wedding Cake.  

Todd went back to Gobaville to line up in the parade.  It was starting to rain, so I took shelter under this awning.  I got me some popcorn and sat on the side walk.  A dog came up and drooled all over me, hoping I'd give him some popcorn.  He didn't know that I don't share very well.

It's a good thing I found this spot.  My bike and I stayed dry during the downpour.  But what about the CAKE?  I became very concerned because it was left out in the open!

Todd hid out in this barn waiting for the rain to subside and the parade to line-up.

Here are a few of the bicycle costumes in the parade.  I think next year, we'll have to do something crazy like this.

Or this...

Here is Todd riding in the parade!  I hopped on my bike and joined the parade back to GOBAville.  

Because of the rain, they moved the wedding and opening ceremonies back to GOBAville in one of the poultry barns.

This is the big group wedding.  The Mayor of Hillsboro, comedian Drew Hastings, did a great job and is the coolest Mayor I've ever met.

They did a nice job of moving and setting up the cake.  It was made and donated by Kroger.  It was delicious!

I went home to sleep in my comfy bed.  By the time I got to bed, it was midnight!  Plan for Sunday is for me to ride part of the trail to meet Todd in Frankfort, Ohio for lunch - weather permitting. 

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  1. Very cool diary of the GOBA adventures. look forward to more!

    Aunt Dawna