Saturday, July 28, 2012

My New Trike!

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Peddlers Trike Shop in Heath, Ohio and Todd got a recumbent trike.  Peddlers is really neat and they have an indoor track where you can ride the trikes.  

I must admit, I was pretty jealous of Todd's cool trike.  

So, today we went back to Peddlers and I bought a trike, too.

This is it.  An ICE Sprint RS.

Todd's is the yellow one and mine is the red one.  

Today we rode to Yocktangee Park and then to Subway for dinner.  It was about a 17 mile round trip.  I will also mention that it's the first time I've ever used clipless pedals.  I'm a klutz and probably would fall off a traditional bike if I used them, but the trike made it easy.  We rode slow, about 7.5 mph average, but it is quite hilly around here.  The trike is great on the hills because I can go slow or stop for a rest if I need to.  The weather was beautiful this evening, and we had a great ride.

Funny thing is that on the recumbent trike, you're dog level.  A couple of loose dogs ran out to greet us.  On our way home, a bunch of deer crossed the road in front of us and that was quite cool.  All I could do was shout, "Wow wow wow wow wow!"  Just when I got done being excited about the first group of deer, a second group ran out in front of us.  I shouted the same thing again.  It was so cool.

No flats today. 
I'll have to stop blogging if this no-flat foolishness keeps up.

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