Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012 - Frankfort to Washington CH

Saturday, July 21, we made up our own ride along the Tri-County Triangle Trail.  We rode from Frankfort to Washington Court House.  It's about 40 miles round trip.

I wasn't feeling so well, so I really whined a lot and had to take many breaks.  It was a beautiful day with mild temperatures and low humidity.  

We stopped for lunch at Ranchers, which is a home-town version of Arby's.  They have delicious food.  Shhh... Don't tell Oscar.

Here are some photos from along the route:

This is overlooking the park at the Washington Court House end of the trail.  The trail goes through a beautiful park.

This is one of the bridges on the trail. 

Corn fields.

More trail.

Cornfields, wildflowers, and pretty sky.

Anyone know what kind of flowers these are?

They grow all along the trail.

More open fields and pretty skies.

Here is Todd making it look easy again.

Cornflowers and bees at a rest stop.

Purple flowers covered in bees.

That is it.  I made it through the 40ish miles.  I had to make frequents stops, but it was a good ride anyway.

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