Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Bike Time!

Well, I did it!  Finally after much prodding from Todd and friends, I bought a new bike.  I have been bike shopping for a few weeks now and decided to make the move yesterday.  People tell me that the Townie is holding me back on longer rides (>25 miles).  Actually I had two salesmen almost fall over when I told them that I was riding my Townie 42 miles.  Somehow, they think I'm a little crazy.

I had a hard time picking a new bike.  Due to health issues I can't tolerate the bent over positioning of a true road bike.  I tried several brands and decided to go with the Giant Escape City.  I like it because it's somewhat upright and has the fenders and the luggage rack.

Here is my new bike!

Here is me test driving it.

I bought it at Roll:  and they had me stand in a scanner so they could take measurements and fit the bike to me.  They offer great customer service and I was very happy to do business with them.

We rode a little yesterday and rode again today for 23 miles.  I was able to go a bit faster than the Townie.  I'm learning that I have different biking muscles now, too.  

Oh, and the tires are puncture resistant, so I might just have to close this blog down.

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