Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rib Tickler Ride, Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday, we rode 30 miles in the Rib Tickler Ride in London, Ohio.  It was a great organized ride and lots of fun.  It was brought to us by The Friends of Madison County Parks and Trails.  It started and ended at the London Rib and Jazz Festival. 

I didn't get a flat tire, but my chain did fall off.  It was a pretty easy fix, though.
Here, Todd is inspecting everything.

Here we are over the interstate.

The opposite direction.

The sun is starting to come out.
And, boy did I pay for it.  I am fried to a crisp.  Apparently I didn't wear enough sunscreen.

We rode along many nice country roads.

My favorite part (besides the food) was this huge sunflower field.  I love sunflowers.

The ride ended at the London Rib and Jazz Festival.  Todd had some deep fried sauerkraut and I had a rib sampler.  For dessert, we visited a local ice cream shop.  It was really hot, so the ice cream was very refreshing.

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