Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Don's Bent Ride

Hello Everybody!  On Saturday 3/30/13, we went up to Dublin, OH to ride with our friend Don.  Don is responsible for us converting to recumbent trikes - he told us about Peddlers where we bought our first trikes.  He's been to the trike shops several times with us and has test driven several models, but has remained faithful to his traditional bicycle.

Well... we were in for a big surprise.  After receiving the Grand Tour of his huge home, he took us into his second garage where he keeps his..... trike!  He finally caved-in and bought a trike!  How awesome is that?  Todd helped him make some boom and chain adjustments and even CraftyRia (me) stepped in with some helpful advice.  

Off we go.  There is Don out in front, leading the way.
Todd and I are riding the Tandem Relaxing Bike.

Make note of this in case of emergency.  I didn't need the potty then, but it might come in handy on the way back.

These aren't quite bales of hay, but they could do in a pinch.

Close up of Don cruising along.

Pretty water as we pass over a bridge.

More water on a different bridge.  Keep in mind that I'm riding while shooting.
Or is that shooting while riding?

It's a great day to do some laundry.

A farm.

Another farm.

No Trespass!

Looking back at Don.

It wasn't long before we had our first mishap.  The front chain came off.
Don't laugh at my silly socks with sandals - it was in the 50s and my tootsies would otherwise be cold.

Todd uses his expertise to fix the chain.  

All fixed.  I didn't even have to unclip.

It's a good thing we came upon this park.  They have bathrooms.  We stopped there twice.
Our family has a reunion there each year.  Maybe we'll ride our bike there next time.

A lake of some sort.

There's Don.. way up there.

Double catastrophic chain.  The back chain went over one sprocket too far to the right and the front chain wrapped around my pedal.  I unclipped for this one.
Todd fixed it and we were soon on our way.

I swear, I don't do these things on purpose.


We are back at Don's house.  I told you it was big.

We had a great ride through Dublin, Plain City, Hilliard, and Amlin.  We rode 37.5 miles.  
After the ride, we went out for a delicious dinner.

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