Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where Easter Grass Grows....

Today we had a wonderful adventure ride!  We rode a distance of 25 miles and climbed 2200 feet.  

Come on... let's go.

Today we started in our driveway.

And headed down our street.  

Maybe "up" our street is more like it.

And up...

If I rest my head on the headrest going uphill, this is what I see.

And... DOWN.... Top speed at the bottom of these hills was 41.8 MPH.
And we're not even off our street yet.

Ahh... we made it out to Three Locks Road.

Downhill for a little while.

No trains are coming.

The river to our right.

Here we go under US 23.

We rode to Yoctangee Park, but their restrooms were locked!
I really had to go and there were no bales of hay in sight!

We took "Back Road" up to the Tri-County Triangle Trail. 
Note... another hill!

Three miles down the trail....
YES!  I know they have a bathroom.

But there's this hill in the way.
Not only did the Marathon have a restroom, they also had donuts!

Back on the Tri-County Triangle Trail towards downtown.

There is no Budweiser in this bridge.

And to think I saw it on Mulberry Street.

The Majestic Sign.

Ross County Courthouse.

The Historic Carlisle Building. 

I gotta know who lives there and what's inside.

And here, too.

What is Todd doing at these trees?
He got a page from work.

Back on the road again.

This is where Daffodils grow.

And... THIS is where Easter Grass Grows.

So... now you know.

We only had one mishap today.  We lost a flag going down a big hill near the end of our ride.
Good thing it was at the bottom of the hill so it was easy to get.
Of course, I didn't get a picture.

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