Friday, March 29, 2013

It Turns Like a Cow

Hello!  Today was a beautiful Spring day here in Ohio with temps in the 50s, so it was a perfect day to take the Tandem Relaxing Bike out for a spin.  We started at the park in downtown Chillicothe and rode past Hopewell.  It was a total of 19 miles.  We would have ridden longer, but the windchill was pretty cold. 

This is at the beginning of the trail, a really neat bridge.

Then we ride through some cut-out rocks.

I'm glad they cut them out for the trail, otherwise it would be a big hill.

This is my favorite kind of hill - DOWN.

Unfortunately, this is right at the bottom of that hill.

This is my non-favorite kind of hill - UP.

Here is the Hopewell park where we usually start our rides. 

Build your own trailer kit on the hill.

There are several little bridges to go under.

A pretty farm along the way.

Where do these stairs go?  I don't want to walk up them to see.

Some standing water from the snow melt.

Good advice.  Love Life.

Oh yeah.... one mishap did occur on our ride.  The front chain fell off right after leaving Hopewell park on our return ride.  It went back on easily, thanks to Todd's handiness.  I should have taken a picture.   There's always next time, and let's face it - I'm here, so there will be a next time.

Please pardon the blurriness in some of these photos.  I take them while riding along on the trike. 

Wanna ride with us?  Come on, let's go!

Here we go cruising down the hills.  You may hear a little bit of panic in my voice when I say to "hold on" at the very beginning.  Don't pay any attention to that.  Good thing the wind is noisy and blocks out  much of my rambling "holy moly...."

We had some more very dangerous hills after this where we almost tipped over, but I wasn't filming that part.  Figures.

Listen to Todd at the very end, "this thing turns like a cow." It cracked me up.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and videos.
Tomorrow we ride again, more adventures coming soon!

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