Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Tandem Relaxing Bike.

Saturday March 9, 2012

We're off on a new adventure!  We love our trikes so much, that we decided to purchase a tandem trike the Terra Trike's Tandem Pro.  We ordered it last month from the fine folks at Fairfield Cyclery and it got here just in time for a beautiful Spring-like weekend!  Hopefully, I won't cause us to have too many flats....

The trike has couplers and comes apart for travel. Both pieces fit in the back of the Santa Fe.  This is Todd putting it together for our first ride. 

Here it is.... ready to roll!  Todd is the captain and I am the stoker.  Todd rides up front with the two tires, and I'm in the back with only one tire.  We figured it was safer that way.

Here we are on the Tri-County Triangle Trail taking a little break.
We rode about 25 miles our first ride.  It was great fun!

A lady on the trail saw us and called the trike "A Tandem Relaxing Bike." So that's what it shall be called.

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