Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tandem Ride Number Two

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Well, here we are on Day 2 of our Tandem Relaxing Bike ride.  We rode along the Tri-County Triangle Trail again and this time I brought my camera-around-my-neck, so I could take pictures as we ride.  This is easier on the tandem because I don't have to steer, brake, or shift.  

This is my view if I lean to the left a little bit.  This is one of the RR bridges on the trail.  In the summer, these bridges are HOT, but today that wasn't a problem at all.

Some water to our right.  You can see everything so much better without all the leaves on the trees.

Here is an old farm.

And and old house.

And some more water near a cliff, of sorts.

Here is Todd pedaling along.  I've been staying well hydrated, so I really need a bathroom break.  There isn't one for miles and miles and miles and miles.  

Well, here is a valley or a basin, or some sort of dip in the terrain.

I love the way these plant things (whatever they are) look.

Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy!  Lookie there!  Those are bales of hay.  This is the perfect stopping area.

Here is a side view after I walked out from between them.  I'm not saying WHY I was between them, but I'm sure happy this farmer had them.

Here's another stream of water.  This is no where near those bales of hay, FYI.

I love passing the horse farm.

I also love watching our shadows.  I can see if I'm pedaling as fast as Todd.

This bridge has an overlook.  We didn't stop to look-over.  We kept on pedaling.

And we're almost back to the beginning.

This was a great 31 mile ride.  I'm looking forward to more fun rides on the Tandem Relaxing Bike.

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  1. Hoping you left no evidence for the farmer!! Looks like so much fun. I wonder if Ed and I could ride a bike like that. He's so much stronger than I am that maybe it wouldn't be too hard for me to pedal along with him.