Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Strawberry Festival Bicycle Tour

Saturday June 8, 2013

Today we rode the Strawberry Festival Bicycle Tour.  We modified their route to include Young's Jersey Dairy for lunch and ice cream.  We had the pleasure of being joined by Brian and Don again.

We rode 70 miles today.  This was my LONGEST EVER bike or trike ride.
This was Todd's longest ride on a trike.
This was our longest ride on the Tandem Relaxing Bike.

We started in London, Ohio on their bike path.

They had these train cookies at the first rest stop!

They also had a train at the first rest stop.

Here is Don, Brian, and Todd.

For Sale.  The horses or the trailer?

There were some baby horses, too.

More farms.

Yay, we made it to Clifton.  You know what that means....

Young's Jersey Dairy!  One of my favorite places!

We stopped for lunch and an ice cream cone.

No Parking, except for Trikes.

I was tempted to grab some of these free books to read along the way.
This was in Yellow Springs, one of my favorite towns.

Todd loves this bridge.  That is Don in front of us (with the training wheels).

Xenia, along the bike trail.

Xenia Station!

Xenia Bike shop.  Or not.

Xenia bike mural.

Xenia bike racks.

Warning.  Construction Ahead.

This was at the last rest stop (which was also the first rest stop).

Thanks for reading along.  We had a great ride and are looking forward to next week:  GOBA!  
If you're following along on Facebook, I'll be posting updates along the route.  Otherwise I'll update the blog as soon after GOBA as possible.

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