Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tour De Donut. September 8, 2012

Tour De Donut

Tour De Donut is finally here.  I waited all year for this ride. 
Donuts are my favorite food in the whole world and this year I planned to eat a dozen.
Prior to 2012, no women were in the "Dozen Club" and I knew I had to be first.

The morning started out rainy, but as we got closer to Arcanum, the skies started clearing.

Emery, Todd and Don Smith are ready to roll!

The opening ceremonies are underway.  There go the balloons!

Everyone is eager to start.

We are ready to roll!

We rode about 10 miles to the first donut stop.  
I ate six donuts.

Then we rode another 10ish miles to the second donut stop.
I struggled hard, but here is my 12th donut!

Emery is enjoying the break at the second donut stop.

This is what it feels like to eat a dozen donuts.  
Your brain screams "STOP" but the crowd encourages you on.

Last bite of donut #12!
Oh yeah, and I still have another 10 miles to ride to the finish line.

I did it.
Here I proudly display my medal for "most donuts eaten" in my age category.  
I'm also now a member of the Dozen Club.

I hope you'll join us next year!

I got the dozen donuts out of the way, so next year I can ride and just eat a few.
I swore that I'd never eat another donut as long as I live.
That lasted about three days.

That night we stated in a hotel in Findlay, Ohio.  I took my medal to bed with me.
I also wore it at work all day Monday.

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